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Rome Wasn’t built in a Day

Many newbie violinists come to me and they are filled with such passion and excitement….they say “I want to play just like you. Please be my teacher so I can play just like you.”

Not many people realize that as a violinist it takes years to sound polished.  I have been playing the violin for 31 years.  Yes 31 years and I am still learning and still loving.  But it takes more than a year…more than two….it really takes a lifetime of dedication and before that love.

A love that never leaves.  Yes I have had many times in my life I almost hated the violin, didn’t want to see or touch the violin.  I have also had times when I couldn’t get enough of the violin – like it was a drug addiction.

Even in the dark times when I didn’t want to touch the violin…it was always there physically and a part of me energetically.

I am a musician. I am a violinist.

I am.

There is no shaking it… so how did I come to this point?



Know your course…stay your course…don’t forget the course…because the course will not forget you.

Even if it is a 5 Minute Daily Practice Routine – you are staying the course.

As a gift to all my readers I have included a violin lesson video extracted from the Advanced level of Violin Secrets Academy below..

Love and Light


12 Days

Improve Your Sight Reading in 5 Minutes a Day

A while back I uploaded the video below as a very basic video to learn how to read music.  I had no idea it would become so popular.  Funny thing is I almost did not even upload it for the youtube channel.  It was uploaded on a whim months after it was made.  You can view the video below.

At the writing of this post it is at almost 17,000 views.

Many people commented wanting to know exactly how this applies to the violin.  For me, I first learned the piano so when I learned the notes on the violin it was an extremely easy transition.  It seems to be that there is a lot of confusion in the world on how to exactly apply the reading of the notes to the violin itself.

So….today’s Violin Tips are multifaceted and apply to all violinists on their violin Journey

1. Learn to read music and violin application all in one place. Don’t know how or where?  Start here.

2. There are some great notereading books out there.  Use them for yourself or your students.  Check out the Holistic Violin Shop to see the ones I recommend and use with my students.

3. Challenge yourself to read new music 5 minutes a day just above your normal reading level.  Bartok violin duets for two violins volume 1 and volume 2 are excellent for practicing reading (for the intermediate to advanced player) because of all the crazy time signature changes and accidentals.

4. Play in ensemble groups.  Nothing like jumping right in the pool.  Play with a school or community orchestra.  Heck, make your own ensemble with some friends.

5. Listen to recordings and follow along with the music.

6. Join festivals or workshops that include classes and workshops in Sightreading.

7. Read the blog post “15 Sight Reading Tips”

8. Practice reading with a metronome.

9. Schedule “Sightreading Play” in your Design a Day.

10. Become a member of Violin Secrets Academy and get access to all Online Violin’s Prerecorded Classes including “How to Sightread Like a Pro” with corresponding PDF study guides.

Most importantly have fun and get reading Music.  A Little every day will take you a long way.

Much Love and Light



Empower Yourself with the Law of Creation

Creativity has the power to change your life in simple yet drastic measures.

We create our lives with every thought we think, every step we take, every breath we make.

Creativity is the fuel for the soul.

Creativity connects us to the universe, to the divine outside and inside us. Creativity makes us one.

I unabashadly encourage all my students to create not only to improve their musicianship but to give them that little opportunity to create. you see when we make creative steps in a small way and acknowledge that we are indeed creators the wheels start turning. At times these wheels may be a little rusty and need some oil but once they get going and we fight the resistance battle it becomes easier and easier.

It does have to be a daily practice just like daily violin practice to keep the creation machine well oiled.

Once acknowledging our small steps in creation (smiling at a stranger is an act of creation) we learn that we can create the life of our dreams. We all are living proof of the Law of Creation.

In the video below get a little insider sneak peek into my life and the dramatic imprint the violin has made in my life via the Power of Creation.

Within this Law of Creation there are some rules….
All laws have some rules right….
well I will be honest here….I have a very healthy dislike of rules and authority and let’s say power in the negative sense of the word.
There is a framework that is needed… let’s say – a way to keep the fuel burning.
Resistance likes to creep in especially when our vibrational energy is low… perhaps we are fighting some distress whether it be emotionally, spiritually, mentally or physically.
So the simple rules of the law of creation are more like preemptive measures to encourage the positive vibrational energies to flow freely otherwise we may find ourselves swirling in a foggy abyss.

We find freedom within that structure…

Watch the video below how we learn to find freedom within bars in music and how to apply that to our lives.

How are you going to apply the law of creation in your life?

Love and Light