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How to Play Healthy Pianos – Online Violin TV 12

Discover 3 tips in this week’s episode on how to have “Healthy Pianos.”

Exercise of the Week – Practice your healthy pianos with “Getting to know the D String” Exercise of the week.

Violinist of the Week – Pinchas Zukerman

Composer of the Week – Saint Saens


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This week’s training  – Toddler Violin Teacher Training 101

Have a great week everyone.

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Online Violin TV 11 – 5 Tips for Clean, Crisp Accurate Shifting

Violinist of the Week – Stefan Grappelli

Composer of the Week – Erik Satie

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Exercise of the Week – Shifts extracted from 3 Octave B Major Scale

Improve your violin shifting with these five tips.

5 Tips to Shifting accurately

1. Hand, wrist, thumb and fingers work as a team

2. Know your thumb’s home

3. Keep hand open before, during and after shift

4. Hear the new pitch before shifting

5. Practice the speed of the shift

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Online Violin Episode 10 – Fastidious Fourth Finger Extensions

Violinist of the Week: David Garret

Composer of the Week: Paganini

Exercise of the Week: Fourth Finger Extensions

What a great week this will be.  Kicking it off with another fantastic episode of OVTV.

4 Fabulous Tips for Fastidious Fourth Finger Extensions

1. Don’t shift – solid left hand

2. Daily short spurt playtime with Fourth Finger Fitness

3. Fourth finger comes down strong and solid

4. Bring left elbow under the instrument to give a little help to the fourth finger

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