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Left Hand Foundation and Fourth Finger Strengthen Online Violin TV Episode 16

Before strengthening the fourth finger some foundation investigation needs to occur. Are you working against the fourth finger of your left hand based on a faulty foundation? Learn more in the video below about the importance of the left hand in the success of the fourth finger.

Exercise of the week – Fourth finger strengthening exercises in second position. Be sure to hold the lower finger down at all time while lifting the four.

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Update!! Completely stoked that after writing these books playing octaves flawlessly in tune has become a breeze.  What a wonderful side effect :)

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Violinist of the Week – Otakar Sevcik


Composer of the Week – Antonin Dvorak

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Vitali’s Chaconne m. 77-80 – Online Violin TV Episode 15

Have you ever come across an overwhelmingly difficult passage for the left and right hand but had no idea how to move forward?

How about a spiccato legato passage that changes up string crossings and it is difficult to get through 6 notes?

Well in this episode of  Online Violin TV, I teach the precise formula for you to get moving forward and turn that scary passage into one that is full of fun.

Violinist of the week: Ivan Galamian

Composer of the week: Tomaso Vitali

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