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Online Violin TV Episode 9 – String Crossing Fundamentals

Online Violin’s Violinist of the Week is Rachel Podger.

Composer of the week is Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Exercise of the Week……String Crossings.

This week it is all about String Crossings!

Have you ever crossed strings and heard this horrible sound? Hit other strings? Heard a fuzz, squeak, scream, whistle, dying cat?

Well this Online Violin TV Episode is for you.

String Crossings in a nutshell…

1. Set and Go

2. Minimize the Motion

3. Play inside the strings

4. Absolutely IMPERATIVE to have a straight bow.  (failed to mention that in the video)

Bow Arm Mechanics

1. Keep upper arm still…avoid the rowboat motion

2. Motion stems from either the elbow or the wrist depending on the speed of your string crossings.

Did you have an aha moment? Please share in the comments below.

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Online Violin TV Episode 8 – How to Play Doublestops

Celebrating Adult Learners this week with Violin Secrets Academy Adult Learner Bundles.
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Online Violin’s
Violinist of the Week – Michael Rabin
Composer of the Week – Wieniawski
Exercise of the Week – Doublestops

Beautiful week ahead celebrating an American violinist whose career that was cut way before his time and a Polish composer full of passion and incredible compositions for violinists.

Get to know your doublestops intimately. No pushing…it is all about balance.

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Online Violin TV Episode 7 – How to Play and Practice Accents

It’s All about Accents in this Episode!

Discover Online Violin’s Violinist of the Week, Composer of the Week and How to play and practice accents on the violin.

Get an exercise perfect for all levels of violinists from Newbie to Advanced.

5 Action takeaways to apply in your violin accent journey.
1. Pinch Release
The release is very important here for beautiful tone and so is the timing of the “pinch.” A late pinch will result in a case of the scratchies.

2. One Note Only
Always Remember the Accent only applies to the one note that it is directly above or below.  All other surrounding notes should not be affected by the accented note.

3. Same bow length
For this particular case study of accents we need all notes to have relatively the same bow length or else migration to the north pole in the bow will happen. (accents can be executed with more bow length as demonstrated in the video.)

4. Apply accent study to scales
It is important to explore accents on all four strings in all positions with all fingers and what better way to do this than with scales. Gotta love those scales.

5. Clean String Crossings
An accent combined with a bad string crossing equals disaster with a case of the crunchies.

One Final Takeaway

Set and Pull
Important for all bow techniques on the violin. Without a split second set before the pull may result in a lack of clarity at the beginning of the bow stroke.

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