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Welcome to Online Violin Education, where you will find violin technique and gorgeous tone made simple. While starting your violin journey, it is imperative to be able to trust that you are receiving high quality education.  Less than par violin instruction can lead to many roadblocks, severe technical difficulties and even injury.  When starting the journey, it may be difficult to determine what exactly is high quality education.  When I started the violin at nine and shortly thereafter; I received decent instruction: but in all honesty, it wasn’t until after finishing my degree in violin performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder while making a living as an orchestral violinist did I receive what I consider one of the best trainings in the world, five years of private instruction with Rachel Barton Pine.  The training that you will find here at Online Violin Education has been filtered through two decades of teaching, 15 years orchestral performing and a lifetime of passionate learning.  Feel safe, in good hands, explore and learn with confidence here at Online Violin Education.

Heather Broadbent, Violinist
Your Online Violin Education Instructor



“Heather’s weekly violin exercise program, 52 Violin Proficiency Exercises brings new levels of awareness to my violin playing and teaching. She breaks down complex technical issues into very manageable bits that encourage progress. What’s more, the exercises span a wide range of techniques that involve both the left and right hand. Thank you, Heather!”

Danielle Montague-Judd,
violinist, fiddler, and teacher, Utah

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Discover 200 free violin lesson video tutorials on Heather’s Youtube channel.

There is a time in everyone’s journey where performing is inevitable. Many violinists have performance anxiety but would never talk about it. It is the white elephant in the room or only discussed in private conversations about what doctor to see for beta blockers. As a performing violinist, I overcame performance anxiety. Mindset is a key player for all violinists in overcoming limiting belief patterns anchored in negative talk and self sabotage. If you are ready to free yourself from performance anxiety prison and violin journey blocks be sure to discover The Warrior Violinist Quest.