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Online Violin TV – Episode 4

Greetings from Grey and rainy Bulgaria.  My rehearsals with the chamber orchestra have started back up again and the calendar is filling up with solo performance engagements. I will be sure to share all the details when the time gets closer.  In the meantime I have a lot of personal practice and arranging to do.  Woohoo!  I am sure there will be quite a bit of inspiration for Online Violin TV’s Exercise of the week…..

By now your left and right have improved coordination from last week’s episode…if you missed it you can check it out here.

This week’s episode includes one of my favorite topics SCALES.  Now before you groan and click to a different page hear me out….

This week’s exercise will transform your playing IF you practice it everyday for 7 days.  I PROMISE….you will have improved intonation AND a more comfortable knowledge of 7 positions on the instrument….

Online Violin’s exercise of the week includes two octave scales and arpeggios moving across the instrument.  No shifting within each scale.

In today’s episode, discover how to build and play a Major Arpeggio from a Major scale.

Pretty awesome stuff and your downloadable, printable file is pretty cool too. I learned how to create colored notes in Sibelius.  It feels like a transition from black and white TV to color!  (Only available to Online Violin’s inner circle. Want to get a piece of that? Register your name and email and join OV’s inner circle.)

Color really helps in notereading….Whenever I have a student struggling with different aspects of notereadng I break out the colored markers, highlighters, pencils…anything I have on hand that will pop the difficulties right off the page.  For example, I have two students currently working on Mosquito Dance from Barbara Barber’s Solos for Young Violinists Volume 1.  The beginning two lines are quadruplestop pizzicato chords changing from G Major to C Major peppered with a perfect fifth augmented fourth cherry topping quadruplestop.  Well the cherry topping is a bit hard to see so with one student we circled that specific quadruplestio in bright green and with my other student she picked three colors and assigned one to each chord.

Colors of the rainbow on an otherwise boring page of black and white is extremely helpful to get player’s attention.  Helpful for repeats, road maps, key changes, dynamics and so much more….

So if you are part of OV’s inner circle enjoy your colorful exercise…If you are not a member be sure to register to get in on the fun.

The finger pattern in the exercise of the week is the same for each scale in every position and the same for all the arpeggios.

I only chose the natural scales for the printable exercise of the week: A, B, C, D, E, F and G.  Want more of a challenge? Do the same exercise with the “unnatural” scales: B flat, D flat, E flat, G flat.

So get your violin out and let’s have some fun with two octave Major scales in seven positions shall we?

I would LOVE to hear from you. Please share in the comments below your results from Online Violin’s Exercise of the Week and/or your thoughts on Online Violin’s Composer of the Week and Violinist of the Week.


Your Slice of Violin Secrets Academy Heaven

Happy Friday Violin Journey Trekkers

How is that Exercise of the Week coming for you from Monday’s Online Violin TV Episode?  It is a good one that you can grow with for years to come.  Just keep inching up the metronome

Today I have a very special announcement to make.

Violin Secrets Academy is opening it’s enrollment doors for new students on February 1, 2015 with a yearly membership for all levels and collections from newbie to intermediate and beyond.

Violin Secrets Academy levels and collections will NO longer be available separately after February 1.  The good news is Violin Secrets Academy will ONLY be available in it’s entirety meaning after February 1, once you enroll as a student you will have access to all levels and collections.

I will be providing more Academy enrollment information from now until February 1.

What this means for you now…..

If you are wanting to get a piece of the Academy you have now until midnight January 31 CST to get your slice of Violin Secrets Academy Heaven.

If you are already a VSA newbie member and want to upgrade to the entire academy now is the time.   $150 is your upgrade tuition.  Please message me for your upgrade link.

Scroll Down to find all Violin Secrets Academy levels and collections in one place and choose the one right for you.

It’s like those Choose Your own Adventures books. Now you get to choose your slice of Violin Secrets Academy heaven.

You may ask me why I have chosen to eliminate the availability of the levels and collections separately.

I have put a lot of thought into the best way to present Violin Secrets Academy.  First I thought it was a great idea to compartmentalize the offerings.  By streamlining all of it into one enrollment access as opposed to different levels saves time for all of us on our journeys.  Instead of offering bits and pieces and students eventually wanting to upgrade or add to their collections; it is just easier to allow unlimited access to the entire Violin Secrets Academy for one minimal annual membership

Now is the last chance to get your separate slice of Academy heaven before enrollment doors officially open February 1st for the entire Academy.

Choose Your Violin Secrets Academy Adventure below….

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Looking forward to being a part of your violin journey.

Love and Light



Online Violin TV Episode 3 – What the Heck is Spiccato?

Struggling with Spiccato?

I know how it feels. It is a tricky little technique to develop and a little tricky to teach.

I am proud to say that all of my students developed a healthy spiccato and did not suffer like I did going from teacher to teacher with really no help.

The turning point in my spiccato journey was one simple little secret that I learned through my own personal research.

Find out more and how you too can develop a fabulous spiccato in the video below….

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Enjoy your Spiccato Journey.

Love and Light